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At AMBRE AZUR, we envision a world where the jewellery industry is celebrated for its creativity, innovation, and positive impact on society and nature.

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Our DNA: Jewellery

With over a decade of experience in the jewellery industry, we provide tailored advice by thoughtfully analysing and understanding a jewellery brand’s vision and needs.

We guide companies in creating a distinctive brand voice, from building or refining a compelling product portfolio to telling a cohesive brand story with striking content and refined copywriting.

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Our Approach

At AMBRE AZUR, we capture the essence of a jewellery brand through a genuinely holistic approach. With each client, we delve deep into the heart of their brand to uncover the unique stories, products and inspiration that set them apart. Our process goes beyond the surface, crafting a narrative that authentically reflects the brand’s values, craftsmanship, and identity.

With creativity at the forefront, we transform a brand’s essence into a cohesive story that resonate with its target audience, fostering genuine connections.

The Story Behind the Name

When two worlds collide, magic happens.


from {amber}

Emblematic for all material matter created by Mother Earth through physical or chemical processes – and the gift of time. Magically handing us the most beautiful elements to work with, ready to be transformed into valuable jewellery treasures.


from {azure} and {azurite}

Inspired by the deep blue ocean and bright blue sky. Both endlessly vast yet dependent on each other. Always and ever in motion. Like our mind. Fleeting yet constant. The perfect embodiment of creativity.

Between both hues – amber and azure blue – traverses the entire colour palette of precious and semi-precious stones and metals. From gold to platinum, emerald to ruby, tanzanite to opal, and many more. A precious rainbow of raw beauty.


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Whether you are looking to redesign or adjust your jewellery brand’s story, develop exciting new collections or create inspiring marketing content – we are here to assist, personally and authentically.

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